B2B Opps Referral Group

Get new business by giving first, in our Toronto referral group

Grow your business by getting and giving referrals and all kinds of support to other entrepreneurs. Only one professional per niche!


Why join a referral group?

We are a Toronto-based community who understands the value of word-of-mouth advertising. The #1 way small businesses get clients is through referrals.

By forming relationships with other entrepreneurs, you can get multiple people searching for your ideal client, not just you. And you can also help other owners thrive too.

If you’re not in the same niche as the professionals below, contact us to learn more about how our group works.

Professionals We Currently Have

  • Financial Advisor & Insurance Agent
  • Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist
  • WordPress Web Designer & Digital Marketer
  • Salesforce Expert & Health & Wellness SaaS Platform
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Landscaper & Other Property Services Provider
  • Accountant, CPA & CMA
  • Cyber-Security & Cleaning Companies Co-founder
  • Interior and Exterior Painter
  • Chiropractor & Yoga Teacher
  • Holistic Nutritionist & Men's Health Coach

The Benefits

Get referrals

Get a group of entrepreneurs promoting your business

High ROI

Get referrals or value for practically nothing but your commitment

Free Advertising

Promote yourself by sharing your events and blog posts on our site

Improve your SEO

Get a free profile in our business directory and blog posts on our site

Get seen on socials

Members engage with each other's social posts to boost visibility

Feel Supported

Connect with others in meetings, a Whatsapp group, and a forum.

Don’t wait to grow your business and reap all these benefits!

Our Members